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Expressing My Soul Through the Tip of My Paintbrush


     The Perfect Storm"

oil on canvas


Jaime O. Parra, Contemporary Artist

Art is a freedom of expression. It’s a medium where people can question many things in life and convey their own thoughts. It’s an instrument that allows us to break the rules in a very peaceful way. Through art, we create discourse and bring out all the emotions that lie deep within every single one of us.

At Jaime Parra Contemporary Artist, I let all my creativity and passion flow. Through the tip of my brush onto the canvas, I show a different perspective that only I can see.

About Me

I was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1963, and I’ve started painting in 1990. I loved art so much that I decided to pursue it as a profession. After more than 29 years, I’m still doing what I love.

I finished my high school in Lausanne High School in Bogota in 1981. By 1987, I graduated from Saint Martin University where I received my title of General Dentist. During this year, I also began practicing dentistry in my own private dental office in Bogota, Colombia.

In 1993, I started attending private art lessons from a renowned Colombian artist. I polished my skills in drawing and painting. To improve further, I completed my formal education in fine arts at the Bogota Fine Arts Academy, where I graduated in 1997.

I moved to Orlando, Florida in 2000. Since then, I’ve been participating in group and solo exhibitions, Biennials, and art shows, both international and around the United States.

Arts Hub Florida, and Art Registry. My artworks got published in different editions at the New America Art Magazine, El Sentinel, Osceola Star, and the Orlando Sentinel.

In 2012, I won third place at the Osceola Center for an arts juried exhibition. My award-winning piece was my painting entitled “light of hope in the darkness.”

In 2013, my artworks and I got featured in the books The 100 Masters of Contemporary Art and Important Artist of the World. The books were published and launched during that same year in August..

Nowadays, I’m a resident artist at the Arts Factory Orlando. I often participate in both national and international art venues.


Mission and Vision

Art is the freedom of expression. Is the medium how people could express themselves, questioning many things in life, is the only peacefully instrument how to brake rules, establish disagreements and bring out all the deeply emotions that conform each one of us.

My artistic work is inspired by a permanent introspection of the complex elements and feelings involved in the different situations that compose the nature of the Human Being.

Throughout colors and especially with textures I want to invite the spectators, to begin an internal journey to their own self and the entrails of the actual society to find answers about their place in life.

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